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The Often Overlooked 4th Habit of Highly Successful Singers: Embracing Your Eccentricity

Perceptions become our realities. As humans, we spend enormous amounts of time and energy proving to ourselves and others whatever we believe to be true. And if it’s not - in fact - true, we are often willing to go to extraordinary lengths to make it so. This can be a curse or a blessing. However, if you understand and embrace this process, it can be a powerful positioning tool which will set you apart from the crowd and get you noticed.

In our ongoing series about personally branding yourself as a serious contender for professional triumph as a singer, we’ve focused a lot on getting to know yourself through not only self reflection, but by asking the person you’re closest to to take our Singer Assessment. We bet that in doing so, you’ve begun to perceive yourself in a different light...and identified at least one or two things that uniquely define you, setting you apart from the crowd.

Think about some of the biggest singing stars around. What idiosyncrasies or eccentricities define them? What are they known for? What makes them unique and unforgettable? Is it funky hair color like Billie Eilish? Whacky costumes or theatrics like Lady Gaga? A quirky name like Childish Gambino? A secret language like Cardi B? Love them or hate them, all of these artists have cultivated memorable personas by embracing authentic aspects of their eccentricity.

Let’s face it: You are also an artist. And artists are notoriously eccentric by nature. This doesn’t mean we are suggesting that you steer into the skid, go off grid, and live in an Airstream with several dozen cats. But what if you could isolate and harness a part of your personality that’s a bit different...and make that your unique artistic signature?

Here are some of the distinctive characteristics shared by eccentric people:

  • Nonconformity

  • Creativity

  • Intense curiosity

  • Idealism

  • Obsession with offbeat hobbies

If this list makes you giddy, if you’re wagging your tail a little just thinking about it, congratulations: You are eccentric!

Ready to not only embrace it but also put it to work to turbo-charge your professional image? Take these three simple steps right away and start reshaping your personal brand.

1. Ask yourself this: What is one quality, habit, or unique trait that you possess, which you are already passionately living that you’d be comfortable cultivating as your artistic calling card? It doesn’t have to be completely outrageous. It just has to be genuinely you.

2. If you’re stumped by this question, don’t worry. This is where asking your bestie for some insight can truly come in handy. She surely sees you from a whole different perspective. Give her a call right away!

3. Commit to embodying this newly discovered perception of yourself. Make it your crusade to prove it true to everyone you meet.

This doesn’t need to be overwhelming or complicated. Remember, your personal brand should fit like a second skin.

When I first met Lisa Kay “LK” Fetcher, she was just another Lisa in the eyes of the world. She was already an amazing budding musician and singer, even at age six. But in a sea of Lisas- myself among them - she often blended in instead of standing out. Rather than becoming discouraged, LK forged ahead, honing her skills and embracing her uniqueness. All through our childhood together, her mother often called her Lisa Kay, adding her middle name to distinguish her from me...and because, you know, that’s a thing that mothers do. But it had a distinctive ring and it suited her. When she was ready to make her debut as a professional, her agent told her that her name was way too ordinary and that she needed one which would set her apart. And that’s when Lisa fully embraced her mother’s moniker for her and legally changed her first name to Lisa Kay. Now no one calls her just Lisa; they wouldn’t dream of it. It’s not who she is. She has reshaped her perception of herself and now the world identifies this phenomenal force as Lisa Kay. LK if you’re lucky enough to really know her.

If you want some additional support to hit the ground running, schedule a free consultation with LK today. Not only is she a great singing coach, she has an incredible knack for helping people identify what they’re really good at.

Next week we will talk about being truly ready for success.

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