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Start your Personal Business Plan with your Bestie!

Who is the person that knows you best, and who, besides you is most interested in seeing your dream of being a professional singer succeed? A few clues. It's not the guy in the neighborhood garage band, or even the Barista at your coffee shop. It's your Bestie! Even if your Bestie does not understand music or the music business they probably understand you. That is so important. So, do you need need to meet with a business coach? Or find a manager? Or join a musical online community? Yes! But- you must do all these things in the proper order. Before you build your business you need to get some really good insight into yourself from the people who know you best.

Let's examine this. If you are singer - then you are also an entrepreneur. You are in business for yourself, Pretty scary? (Answer: yes) Not only do you need to sing well... possibly create great original music, know a boatload of music, stay healthy, look not scary (Sometimes scary is okay, though... it's a wierd world) but you need to network! You need to market! You need to produce product! You need fans. Go ahead- make yourself some raw cake batter. I can wait. You and I need to have a serious chat.

In 30 years as a teacher and an agent the thing that is hardest for singers is the momentum to build their singing careers. Almost NONE of my singers can do it alone. It doesn't matter how linear, basic and organized the process is.... no one wants to do it alone. TMLL has a linear, basic organized process by the way... but no one wants a treasure map, every one wants a treaure map AND a wilderness guide.

So- what are you going to discuss with your Bestie to get you started on your Personal Business Plan- after you finish the raw cake batter? How can they be your personal Wilderness Guide? Let me give you a few questions. These questions you should print out -or send to your Bestie. Here's how it rolls. You answer all the questions by yourself. No help from anyone. Your Bestie answer the same questions and does not share their answers. When you are both done THEN you can compare and discuss your answers. We will also be glad to give you a scheduled consultation on request after your complete the process.:-)

So, what are the questions? How will they help my business plan? How much cake batter should I make? The goal here, my soon to be succesful singer, is to have a composite inventory of your assets and liabilites. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your brand? Your goal? Your target audience? Are you ready to record? to perform? to monetize? I don't know yet ...and perhaps you don't either. Let's see how well you know youreself and your product and if your answers and your Besties' answers align. (If they don't, don't worry, that helps you narrow your focus and increase your finding the treasure on the map.)

This assessment is below. After you answer and process these answers we will go on to the next step in next weeks blog. KNOW THYSELF.

After you complete the questions ..the SInger Assessment... feel free to contact us at if you are ready for a consultation and to go the next step in your personal business plan! The survey will give you a good idea of what you need to focus on and what you need to know about yourself and your singing. Want to meet up online with other singers on the same journey? Join our new Facebook Group - The Mona Lisa Life Singers Forum

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