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3 Little Habits That Can Lead Singers to a BIG SINGular Success

You want to be a successful professional singer. You’ve been

dreaming of playing Carnegie Hall or winning The Voice ever

since you can remember. You’re always humming a tune...or

belting one out. You sing to your laundry as you put it away

and have theme songs for your favorite meals. You eat, sleep,

and breath music. And even though the competition is fierce

and many a naysayer has tried to extinguish your fire, you’re

still laser focused on you goal.

But how do you manifest your endgame?

There are three critical qualities that most successful people

posses. We’ve even heard it told that these qualities are so

important that if you consistently exhibit just two out of the

three, your chances of succeeding are excellent. And while

they seem ridiculously easy, it’s astonishing how many people

completely miss their cue.

What are they?

1. Be extremely good at what you do.

2. Be on time.

3. Be really likable.

Maybe you’re one of those rare individuals who can naturally

show up in the world with all three qualities all the time without

even breaking a sweat. But most of us need some practice to

get there. So we’ve distilled these qualities down to simple

habits which you can start forming easily today. Right now, in

fact. Just do it!

Let’s go in reverse...

HABIT #1: Be Open

You are at your best when you are real, a bit vulnerable,

present in the moment, and open to others. This is when

you’re listening. This is when you’re giving. This is when

you’re approachable. People who are likable are open. Think

about that for a moment. Who are your favorite people? Who

gives you the best feels? And here’s the best part: Being open

makes you feel at least as good as you make others feel. Plus

it’s when you are open that the most amazing opportunities

seem to appear as if by magic.

Extra Credit Tip: If you’re having trouble feeling open and

likable, take a deep breath and smile. Studies show that a

simple smile can completely brighten your emotional state.

HABIT #2: Keep Your Word

Integrity is like a balm for the soul. It makes you indispensably

lovable to others and you’ll also feel great about yourself.

When people know they can count on you, they will naturally

think of you when they need something or when they have

something to give. So only make promises you feel confident

and comfortable keeping. Show up on time...or even a little

early. Say what you’ll do and do what you’ve said.

Extra Credit Tip: If you struggle with this one, start with

yourself. Be accountable and honest to you. Tell yourself one

thing you will do today by 5pm and then get it done by 4:58!

Take note of how that feels. Then lather, rinse, repeat...early

and often!

HABIT #3: Learn Your Stuff

Everyone can sing but not just anyone can SING. And let’s

face it, to be a successful professional, you have got to be

able to SING. Hone your skills, expand your repertoire, find

the right mentors and support, resources and tools. And, of

course, the most important part of this habit is practice,

practice, practice! Guided practice. Repeated practice.

Focused practice. Critiqued practice. Did we mention


Extra Credit Tip: Reach out to The Mona Lisa Life right now.

Be open and make this the one promise you keep to yourself

today. We are here to give you the support you need to

become a SINGular Success. Take our Singer Assessment

with your bestie and schedule a consultation with LK to learn

how we can help you take this journey.

Next Week: A bonus 4th quality that we believe will turbo

charge your ability to stand out from the crowd and achieve

your singing goals.

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