"Lisa Kay is a visionary artistic director with great people skills. She knows how to deal with people to make everyone feel like a productive member of a team. She is sincerely dedicated to what she loves."

William Vendice, LA Opera


"Lisa Kay demonstrated creativity, excellent communication skills, and outstanding leadership while I oversaw her work with Creator Central. Lisa Kay is a person of high integrity, character and compassion. She knows how to have a ton of fun, but has an outstanding work ethic. I highly recommend Lisa Kay." 

John Zivojinovic, PhD, President at Legacy University


"Lisa Kay creates opportunities and connections which provide singular benefit, work and training for hundreds of people all at once. The way she shows up - identifying needs, executing plans she conceived of herself, handling overwhelming details, moving the process forward, solving problems creatively, getting the community involved and keeping a lot of temperamental people happy - is nothing short of miraculous. She brought many colleagues and me to a new and exciting place, and took on a project I know most people would never attempt. While my powers of description will not do her justice, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with  Lisa Kay." 

Gordon Tweetie, Bass, Stageworks Festival


"L.K. is incredibly knowledgeable as a teacher, singer, and expert on employment in the field of music. In a private voice lesson, I learned some wonderful exercises which helped my voice convalesce after a bout of laryngitis. I also coached a difficult aria, and L.K.'s expertise as an actress really helped me connect more deeply with the character and the drama. In a separate session, I gleaned some wonderful nuggets about the music business and how to operate as a more business-minded individual. Though the musical world can often resemble a shark tank, L.K. is an encouraging voice of truth and inspiration among many voices of biting and debilitating criticism."

Shannon Kauble, Singer, Pianist, Teacher at Tree of Life Music


"Lisa Kay Fletcher is a phenomenal educator. She is an exceptionally well-rounded instructor and is well versed in the music business. She operates Saltnote Studio and apart from being an incredibly talented teacher and music professional, she’s an all around great individual and mentor. I had the distinguished privilege of working with her in the summer of 2008 and becoming acquainted with her in a professional and personal capacity. She’s one of the most kindred, hospitable, and most reliable teachers you’ll ever meet. Furthermore, she’s a genuine woman of impeccable character and one whom I whole-heartedly respect. "
Guillermo Ontiveros, Tenor


"It gives me great pleasure to offer my highest recommendation for Lisa Kay Fletcher. Lisa Kay is a meticulous director and a skilled musician whose vocal talent and skill as a stage director combined to help create a magical production of Bernstein's West Side Story. Her character insight and vocal coaching helped guide a young cast successfully through one of the toughest shows in the literature. "

David C. Monk, Conductor

"Lisa Kay is an excellent teacher. She isn't a teacher that tries to line up your personal goals as a singer with her lessons. She is very personable, helpful and encouraging. Unlike some teachers she lets you know if your personal goals for singing seem realistic or not. She has a great attitude and a wonderful energy when she's teaching and I was glad to have her. She is also wonderfully generous with her time and energy. She helped me grow as a singer and when she thought that I needed another teacher or coach she let me know. She has been a great mentor and any voice student would be lucky to have her." 

Nicole Collins, Soprano

 “Lisa Kay Fletcher is largely the reason I am the artist I am today. She has a gift for empowering singers and pushing them to be their greatest selves. With an intuitive ear and the ability to communicate with singers in a creative and organic way, she is supremely gifted to guide and mold the stars of tomorrow.”

Jennifer Cherest Flory, Soprano, international opera singer



“I have had the great privileged of being taught, mentored, and educated by Lisa Kay for many years. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of musical, artistic, and professional areas. Lisa Kay has a high regard for technique, practicality, and professionalism, while creating a fun, comfortable, and creative environment. I have never studied under such an encouraging and challenging teacher. She challenges you to became better, do more, and strive for excellence, while encouraging your gifting and praising your growth. I highly recommend Lisa Kay for performers and artists of all styles and levels. She will help you grow in ability, musicality, creativity, and confidence in your craft.”

Anna Morton, Singer, Anna Morton Music

“I have worked with Lisa Kay as a fellow performer; I have worked for Lisa Kay as production staff in a show that she produced and directed; and Lisa Kay has worked for me as a vocal coach for myself and my daughter. In every one of these instances, I have seen Lisa Kay bring out the best in those around her. In the time that she has worked with my daughter in vocal performance, my daughter has blossomed in skill and confidence. Lisa Kay is amazingly creative, professional and passionate about her art. She brings with her a treasure trove of experience and expertise. Lisa Kay is equally comfortable in multiple roles: performer, producer, promoter, and trainer. She can do it all. I cannot recommend Lisa Kay highly enough for anything involving music, performance, and promotion.”

Katy Holt Wood, Actress


“Lisa Kay and I have known each other for several years. She is incredibly energetic, creative, and positive. A person of great integrity, she works with innovation and finishes what she starts. Anyone who works with Lisa Kay comes away with a friend and an honest colleague. I can't recommend her strongly enough.”

Susan Millard-Schwarz
Founder & Managing Director at ANAHATA Music Project LLC

“LK found me during a vulnerable time in my growth. She had the knowledge to help me grow as an artist, and as a professional. There are times in music education where the teacher transcends the role of an amazing educator and truly lifts you to reach your full potential as a person, LK Fletcher helped me in this way. For this I am forever in her debt! “

Abigail Grosch, lyric mezzo-soprano 

"Lisa Kay is incredibly insightful in her knowledge of the Classical repertoire. Her Masterclasses and Voice lessons are innovative and thought-provoking. Upon every encounter with Lisa kay, one always leaves more informed than when they came. If you want Knowledge, Truth, Dedication, and Insight, I highly recommend Lisa Kay." 

Timeelah Adamson, Soprano, University of Florida 

"LK is a gifted godly motivator and able to rally peers, teachers, and students alike. I served under her and was amazed at how quickly she brought everything together with a distinct plan for our advancement. She quickly assembled and rallied a large team of teachers for our advancement in varied creative arts pursuits with spiritual fervor. Her administrative skills motivate greatness with new opportunities and vision casting leading her way. Her insight and leadership enables both team work and individual accomplishment beyond her time.
John Murray, Photography by Murray, M.Photog., Cr., BBA


“Lisa Kay Fletcher is one of the most talented and skilled professionals I have met.  I was her supervising administrator when she was the choir teacher in my high school.  Working with L.K. was an enjoyable partnership.  I have come to know and admire this individual beyond the classroom and can attest to her genuine desire to touch the lives of each one she encounters-to have a positive and lasting effect.  She inspires beauty through the use of music, this is her passion.

She is a Master Teacher who truly cares about her students and colleagues. 

She challenges and enables each student uniquely, to achieve beyond what he/she might have thought possible. She has the methods, techniques, and talents, and heart!  You will feel comfortable around L.K.  She has a character which inspires and models a ‘can-do’ spirit with enthusiasm.  This makes her fun to be around.  She is hospitable and welcoming.  She encourages growth and exploration of your gift.   I have seen positive changes in students, some who had difficulties.  They were able to overcome their challenges, gain confidence, and achieve something beautiful in their lives with her mentorship. “

Onna Seibold, retired high school administrator

“Lisa Kay is a superb educator, mentor, coach and a well of wisdom, not only in the realm of music, but on the larger stage of life. She helped me establish the core and foundation of my musicianship and musicality which I still rely on with every note I sing. She provided me private voice lessons in my mid to late teens, a challenging time for a young developing tenor. Her expertise and adaptive methodology saw that I had a sound understanding of music, the breath, and my own sound. Her tutelage has followed me into the Army where I have used her teachings to perform from the War Zones of Afghanistan to the halls of the NSA.”

Anthony Burroughs, Tenor, SSG, United States Army. 


“Lisa Kay Fletcher is a teacher who offers assistance beyond simply giving advice to those who have the pleasure of learning with her. She knows how to personally connect with her students and teach them information, unique to their needs and requests. Lisa Kay has an incredible ability to motivate singers, based on their strengths, as well as guide them through the process of developing the areas that are more difficult for them. Furthermore, she has an outstanding way of explaining information and instructions that make learning feel fun and simple. Lisa Kay has gifted me with so much invaluable wisdom. Not only has she helped me improve my vocal technique, but she has also helped me learn more about myself, as a musician. Working with Lisa Kay was an honor, and an experience that remains one of my most beneficial musical opportunities. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and I am confident that anyone else would say the same, given the opportunity of learning with her. If you are interested in finding out more about my experience with Lisa Kay, you may contact me at ilmillerim@gmail.com.”

Isabella L Miller, Soprano


“Lisa Kay is not only an extraordinary voice teacher and vocal coach, she provides artists with a wide range of promotional services snd professional connections. She is completely dedicated to each student and always provides her services with a personal, caring touch. Lisa is a very talented vocalist and pianist herself,  and has had a great deal of experience performing, teaching and conducting master classes. She knows how to push an artist to higher levels of achievement while being encouraging. Lisa Kay was my daughter's high school choir director and has been her private voice teacher for several years. I highly recommend her.”

Nancy Stansbury, Parent


"Lisa Kay Fletcher has an incredible gift of creating and developing artists. She fully dedicates herself to her students and clients to better prepare them performance opportunities and successful careers. She has the ability to help students grow in not only technique, but also in performance quality. She will help you dig deep to tell your story, if that may be an opera piece or even a musical theatre piece. She is the kind of mentor you will continue to refer back to and wish to stay in touch with. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with an intelligent, compassionate teacher like Lisa Kay Fletcher."

Emily Tinsman, Soprano, Sophomore Music Education Major at Drake University


"Lisa Kay is a master of all trades. I had the privilege to take vocal lessons with Lisa Kay for many years, in addition to being in some of her amazing productions. She is an outstanding vocal teacher, director, and creative mastermind. She has the ability to seamlessly pull off incredible tasks that no one else would dare to try. I am so thankful that I have had so many opportunities to work with Lisa Kay. She helped mold me in to who I am today, both professionally and personally."

Mary Paige Hopkins, Actress


“LK Fletcher is a wonderful and amazing music and vocal teacher, who has been such a positive influence on my daughter over the last few years.

LK helped our daughter develop her vocal talent, and encouraged her musically and emotionally.

Under LK's tutelage and encouragement, our daughter auditioned for and was accepted to the Lyric Opera festival in Viterbo, Italy. She also put in many extra hours to help our daughter learn and practice the Italian music she needed to be ready for the opera and for her solo in the midnight concert.

We have seen, and appreciated, how Ms. Fletcher has worked to make our child's natural abilities blossom, and to make her much more confident as a performer.”

Anita Barnard, Parent


“Lisa Kay Fletcher is a smart, creative, and wonderful music educator. Over the summer of 2016 I had the great pleasure of viewing one of her masterclasses. Her words and teachings were not only wise and helpful to the individual singers, but powerful, with a strength that all musicians — both in education and performance — can connect with. Her wisdom resonates with every singer she works with. There is never a moment of doubt from Fletcher when it comes to the abilities of a singer. She knows how to give each performer a vision, as well as the tools to make it a reality. The confidence and positive energy she gives is enough to make anyone feel capable of anything. I will always remember my time working with Lisa Kay Fletcher.”

Alice Lind, Mezzo-Soprano, Drake University Music Student



“Lisa Kay Fletcher is currently serving as my son Asher’s piano teacher.  He is six years old and has been under her instruction for approximately 3 months.  In this time I have noticed Asher become more deeply interested in music overall.  She has incorporated many styles of teaching him piano, including on-line games, flash cards, video clips for feedback and praise, as well as actual piano time, of course!    Lisa Kay is enthusiastic and motivating as she instructs Asher and her interaction with him is truly magnificent.  Her work ethic is detailed and particular, as she is providing the best start for a young student.  She is patient and full of joy at every encounter and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in her music or acting services.”

Andrea Rotman, Parent

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