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Working with a Talent Agent and pursuing Artist Management is a full-time, intensive commitment. It’s a 24/7 relationship, a lot like a marriage. For that reason, the manager and the artist need to be completely on the same page as to goals and expectations, They must develop a certain level of mutual trust and respect, and must be prepared to make that sort of long-term commitment to one another.


While Artist Development is is certainly a huge part of Artist Management, the two can, and should, exist separately. It is our belief that in today’s music industry, Artist Development is not only of critical importance, but also is sadly, something that is sorely lacking. We are dedicated to making Artist Development a priority for artists at every level of their career.


Perhaps you are not quite ready for day-to-day management. It is in these early stages of your career that Artist Development is the most crucial and can have the most impact. We can provide the guidance, planning and strategy that you need!


Our Management Consultant strategies include the following:

A thorough and candid assessment of your career.

Clearly identifying and defining both short-term and long-term goals.

Development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to improve your artistry and to reach your goals while providing mentoring, motivation and accountability.

Our Management Consultant services include several plans. You choose which is right for you, depending on your immediate goals or needs. Plans can range from a single phone conversation to a longer monthly relationship.


We will leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships in order to further your career development. We’ll provide you with answers, objectives and solutions to give you the direction you need.





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