If you are a QUALIFIED actor or singer seeking representation please contact us by email by clicking on the email icon.

Please include the following in your email:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Category (Actor/Singer)

  • Headshot 

  • Demo Reel/Video Link

  • You may attach a resume (optional)

  • If you have union affiliations (SAG AFTRA)

  • If you have a website or EPK, please include link



This business is very competitive. Because agencies do not make money unless their clients get booked- they win auditions- we seldom if ever take raw talent. Agencies are designed to be exclusive in representing professional talent which means they need both education and experience. 


At a minimum-

All performers must have professional skills. Performers need examples of their work. Performers need a "following" or fan base.  Performers need an interactive, engaged social media presence. Performers need a recent history or work and or performances. Children and teens have different parameters but it is equally competitive.


Actors should have professional ongoing training. They must have demo reels and professional headshots. They need examples of their work and reference of industry professionals they have worked with. They need to know how to slate, have prepared monologues and know how to read on a set with multiple cameras.


Singers should have professional ongoing training. They should have a press kit. They need a complete demo of multiple tracks. The should have studio and stage experience.


Please contact us for a referral if you are looking for training. We are glad to help!

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