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Hi DFW Singer!

I have an upcoming opportunity I want to share with you that is a bit impromptu, but I also think very wonderful! (recording sessions, creating social media, custom arrangement, professional, accompanist, etc.)

One of my long distance students is preparing for a Singer-songwriter career. I invited her to come for a week, and I told her we would have “content camp.” We would find a live performance to perform every night, (street corners, restaurants, open mic…we would perform) we would work on recording audio tracks, including original pieces she wrote, and we would create content for social media on a daily basis, and in advance for future postings. In short, we are going to take all the steps that she needed in a weeklong intensive to build her career and build her content.

I talked to my two sons in our chats this week and said, “I wish you could be here to help me.”

My oldest son, Jarrett, is a pianist/guitarist in Maryland.He was offered his first 5 million dollar recording contract for Sony Apostle at 17. He is a brilliant, sweet man.

He said he would take four days off work and come visit me and help with the recordings. He would accompany students, help them with songwriting …whatever they needed in their journey.

My youngest son, Tanner, works for a concert production company that does sound, rigging and manages crews for performers like Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney. He said he would take off work for six days and come from Denver to be our audio engineer. He is also a brilliant, sweet man. Hello!?

Currently, I will have three young women in residence for the week, my two sons and another guest. We will be making so much music!!

If you would like to book a recording session with Tanner or book a songwriting or accompanying session with Jarrett (maybe you want an acoustic version done YOUR way of a favorite song?) I have the following days and times left.

If you are interested in one of the remaining available times they are $75 an hour (each) payable directly to Jarrett or Tanner.

It is possible to book both of them at the same time on the times given below.

Jarrett Morton

Saturday 10-11 June 3

Saturday 11-12 June 3

Sunday 2-3 June 4

Monday 4-5 June 5

Monday 5-6 June 5

Tanner Morton

Saturday 5-6 June 3

Sunday 2-3 June 4

Monday 4-5 June 5

Monday 5-6 June 5

Tuesday 10-11 June 6

Tuesday 11-12 June 7

If you are interested in performing with us June 2-3-4 or 5 let me know!

If you have a location for us to perform please share!

If you are interested in creating some custom content, recording a video or working on your social media package contact me at the studio directly for days and times 682-360-4024

Do you have a business or a restaurant and want some fabulous live music?

Please let me know! I will provide the musicians and the sound system!

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